The LemonEdge documentation is an online technical guide aimed at helping you build, configure and implement your solution on the platform. This documentation is not aimed as a general user guide for your fully implemented solution. 

Getting Started

Once you've downloaded and launched the application, or browsed to the web site, the following articles may help:

  • Getting Started: How to download and setup the application.
  • Login: Connect to a database, or web service to login to the application.
  • Licensing: License your LemonEdge solution
  • Custom Add Ins: Install any 3rd Party, Partner, or otherwise provided AddIn for the platform into your solution.

Context Help

This guide is designed to be context sensitive when using it from the application. The context sensitive help always provides access to the following overviews wherever you are in the application:

  • Account Level Help
  • Help for the current active role (if there is any defined for the current role)
  • Context Help For the Current Active Window
    • Help for the entity in general you are working with
    • Help for the configured layout you are currently using to work with that entity
    • Help for each individual view
  • Help for all command buttons on your main menu

All of these help files can be overridden with your own custom ones, and of course can have links provided for any custom roles, entities, layouts and views you've created using our auto-code designers or through coding against our API.


The documentation can be read stand-alone and is broken down into sections that roughly follow the layout of the application. These sections are structured as follows:


We have multiple available resource for training and support with the LemonEdge platform. These consist of Help, Training, Videos, Dedicated Partner Support, and Interactive Sessions with our Suport/Development personnel.

Contact for more information.